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Fleece Duet Crimson Cut

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  • Index: 68011
  • Sizes: s, m, l, xl, xxl
  • Weight: 280 g/m², 420 g/m
  • Fabric: 100% polyester
  • Description: warm fleece; decorative parts in contrast colour; anti-pilling finishing; microfleececontrast, plastic molded zippers, expandable bottom inside.

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OEKO-TEX-100ZAWIESZKAEN 14058:2017 1XXXCRIMSON CUT-PROMOSTARSDear customers. For some time products going to the new Crimson Cut brand will also be available with existing Promostars labels. We will not always be able to complete a uniform order in terms of brand on labels. If this is not possible, the goods will be shipped according to the available stock. magazynowym.

Available colours: Fleece Duet

” Duet” – men’s warm fleece sweatshirt; anti-pilling fabric finish which prevents pilling. Сontrastive panels; zipped breast pocket; inside welts on the bottom; elastic tape in cuffs;  main plastic molded zipper and pocket plastic molded zipper.

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Fleece Duet

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